Become a responsible company. Fast

Ahillz is the easiest way for publishers to solve Corporate Social Responsibility and increase customer loyalty

For Publishers

Watch your customers loyalty grow

Ahillz is a mobile SDK that enables users of any app to browse charitable causes and donate. Users tend to be more loyal to a company that gives back and promotes good causes. 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a socially conscious brand. Ahillz helps an app publisher become a responsible company fast, increase customer loyalty and retain millennials and Gen Z — and all of this completely free of charge.

Mobile giving continues to climb

Charitable organizations are not just raising funds through galas, auctions, written appeals and paper checks anymore. With two massive changes underway in the world – the digitization of cash and the mass adoption of mobile technology, every forth online donation is made from a mobile device, growing 40% YoY. Enabling mobile giving in your app is a perfect way to show customers, shareholders and community that you actually care.

The next level of mobile giving

  • Quick donations

    We enable iOS users to donate via Apple Pay, which not only guarantees a phenomenal security and high conversion rate, but also renders the entire donation process seamless.

  • Micro donations revolution

    With users spending most of their screen time in mobile apps, people are willing to donate more frequently. Ahillz aims to become a central layer of mobile charitable giving.

  • Wide choice of causes

    People love to have control over their charitable decisions. Let your users choose from a range of causes and categories, and they’ll thank you with an increased loyalty.

  • Captivate them

    Ahillz helps publishers to attract, retain and engage their increasingly socially conscious customers.

Your business needs to be associated with good causes

  • 11


    increase in sales

    is seen by companies that integrate purpose into their businesses

  • 92


    of your customers

    would switch brands if one carried an associated cause(s) and another did not

  • 158


    millennials and Gen Z in the US

    prefer to recommend a brand based on their social good efforts.

Easy integration

Ahillz is easy to implement — initialize it with a single line of code during your app launch. Every application can implement Ahillz – from games to calculators. Depending on the type of app, different integration techniques may be used. Games may want to reward users with a bunch of in-app coins after presenting Ahillz, while utility apps would be fine with a traditional banner ad.

  • Customize look and feel
  • One-line initialization
  • Apply filters
  • Presentation styles

Vetted selection of trusted charities

Ahillz conducts thorough vetting of thousands of charities worldwide. In the US alone, there are more than 1 million active public charities. It’s impossible for a donor to verify the details behind each cause. On the other hand, limiting charitable choice is not an option, since the engagement and participation of modern consumers is directly linked to the control they have over their charitable deeds.
Ahillz performs due diligence of public charities to ensure that only reliable and responsible organizations are visible to users

See Ahillz in action

Download a demo app to give Ahillz a go. iOS devices only

For non-profits

Ahillz is mobile-first

People spend much of their time in mobile phones today, exceeding 3 hours on average daily. Mobile is predicted to eclipse the TV in terms of attention time really soon. For charities, it is important to be present among all the digital channels used by potential donors, and mobile is becoming an increasingly valuable means for donors to do research on organizations and discover good causes

Cater to mobile donors

  • Advance your digital marketing

    We enable organizations to reach millennials where they live—on mobile devices. Over 50 percent of millennials are mobile-only or mobile-first. Being in the screens of smartphones is essential.

  • We empower small charities

    While traditionally it is large organizations who enjoy substantial donations, Ahillz allows small and responsible charities make impact by reaching thousands of donors — for free.

  • Grow your recurring revenue

    Ahillz helps your charity to grow recurring giving by providing donors with an easy way to initiate and manage monthly recurring donations.

  • Target your ideal donors

    Ahillz enables charities to promote their causes in certain geographic regions and target their messages to certain demographic groups when possible.

  • Powered by science and psychology

    Screens and forms are constructed in a way designed to convert as many visitors to donors as possible. Buttons and images were optimized to create quality user experience.

  • Enterprise grade security

    In partnership with Stripe, we are PCI Level 1 compliant, which is the most stringent level of security certification possible.